Notary Public Registration

Executive Order 170 Extends the Deadline for Notaries Public to be Sworn into Office. Executive Order 170 extends the deadline for being sworn into office by the County Clerk to ninety (90) days following the last day of the Public Health Emergency (PHE). The State of New Jersey will announce the last day of the PHE at some point in the future. This extension applies to both new notaries public and notaries public renewing their existing commissions. Notaries public whose existing commissions expired during the PHE should enter the commission expiration date shown on their most recent renewal certificate whenever executing a notarial action. Note, however, that these notaries must still be sworn before the extended deadline or else their commissions will expire, and they will no longer have the authority to conduct notarial acts. New notaries must be sworn-in as soon as possible, but no later than the extended deadline, before executing notarial acts.

This online service will allow you to submit either a new or renewal application to become a notary public, check the status of an application and search for active notaries. For more information, please access the Notary Public Manual.

Please Note: A1423: A notary public who is not licensed as an attorney-at- law shall not use or advertise the title of lawyer or attorney-at-Law. A Notary who advertises his services must provide a statement "I am not an attorney licensed to practice law and may not give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matter or accept fees for legal advice."