Frequently Asked Questions


Who can I contact for help with my filing?

  • If you are having technical difficulty with your application, contact the New Jersey e-Government Services Help Desk.

    Phone: 609-586-2600

  • If you have questions regarding filing your CARI application, contact the Department of Children and Families Office of Legal Affairs' CARI Unit.

    Phone: 855-744-4913

  • For questions related to licensing requirements or procedures, please contact the Office of Licensing.

    Phone: 877-667-9845

  • If you are having issues accessing your account, you may need to reset your password with the myNJ team.
    You can contact them here:

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What information do I need to file a CARI application?

You will need your address history dating back to 1980, the names and Dates of Birth of all children, whether living with you or not, and the related law and/or statute if filing an Out-of-State CARI application.

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I didn't receive my invitation to submit a CARI application, who should I contact?

You will need to contact the facility/agency/program to request that the invitation be re-sent to your email address.

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What browsers are supported? How can I update my browser?

The following browsers are supported for the Online CARI Check Service. Links with instructions on how to update your browser to the newest version are listed in the table below:

Browser Supported Version How to Update
Internet Explorer 9 & up
Google Chrome 36 & up
Mozilla Firefox 31 & up
Safari 7 & up

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What is the regulatory fee for a CARI check?

The regulatory fee for a CARI application is the fee the Department of Children and Families charges for Child Care Center and Adoption CARI applications, according to New Jersey agency regulations.

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What is the service fee?

The New Jersey Information Division of NICUSA, Inc. (NICUSA-NJ), an electronic government partner with the State, will process your payment through an upgraded and secure payment gateway. NICUSA-NJ will remit to the State of New Jersey all payments and amounts owed to the State.

The online charge processed through NICUSA-NJ includes funds in excess of payments owed. NICUSA-NJ uses the excess funds solely to develop, run, maintain, enhance and expand the State’s electronic service offerings. NICUSA-NJ does not share any excess funds with the State of New Jersey.

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What happens if I don’t finish my application and close my browser?

All information will be lost. You will need to start over from the beginning. It is strongly recommended that you complete your application before closing your browser.

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What if my PC crashes while I'm working on my application?

All information will be lost. You will need to start over from the beginning.

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Can I pay for my CARI application with an electronic check/bank account?

Payment can only be made with a credit card at this time.

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Can I obtain a CARI application for informational purposes?

CARI checks will not be performed for informational purposes only. There must be a related program associated with the CARI application submitted.

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Can I check the status of my CARI application?

The facility, agency, or program under which the CARI application was submitted will be notified when your CARI check has been completed. CARI check status will not be given out upon request.

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Can I obtain a refund for my CARI application?

There are no refunds for CARI applications.

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How long can I leave my browser open with no activity without losing my application?

For security purposes, after 30 minutes of inactivity all information will be lost.

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