Child Abuse Record Information (CARI) Consent Form :

1: Personal Info 2: Child Info 3: Previous Addresses 4: Review Details

For out of state CARI submissions, it is required that the user input the requesting agency name and information in order to submit the CARI, so that the CARI group is able to respond to the CARI application.

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If you are a prospective adoptive parent, foster parent, or a household member of a foster/adoptive parent, a copy of the agency's license maybe be required from the state where the agency is located in order to have your CARI processed. You will have the option to upload this during the last step of the process or have the agency e-mail it to us at The license is not required for you to submit the application.

If you want case information from the NJ Department of Children and Families for a family that your agency is investigating or providing services to please read the below.

Please do not continue with this application. Instead, you should submit your request on your agency’s letterhead to the NJ DCF Records Inquiry Program (RIP) with the following information:

1) Names, including former last names, date of birth for all adults and children involved,
2) Specific information requested, and
3) Reason for request.

The letter must be dated and signed. The letter may be either faxed to 609-292-3931 or e-mailed to If you have any questions, please call RIP at 609-888-7222.

If you want a child abuse check for a prospective foster parent, adoptive parent or a household member, please direct your client(s) to this page and advise them to select "No" to the questions above.

If you want a CARI check (child abuse and neglect background check) for a foster parent, adoptive parent(s) or household member of a foster/adoptive parent(s), then the applicant must complete this form.