Important News –

A Streamlined Reinstatement and Dissolution Service is available from March 1, 2020 to June 15, 2020. This limited time program allows businesses that are revoked for failing to comply with the State’s annual reporting requirements to reinstate or end their business without the need to go through multiple steps which include obtaining a tax clearance for corporations. To access the service, click STREAMLINED REINSTATEMENT OR DISSOLUTION BELOW. You may also review an overview of the program here.

New Jersey's Online Annual Reports and Change Services

Welcome to the Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services' Annual Reports and Change Services. Through this service, you will be able to file annual reports, change a business's registered agent/office, reinstate a business, and close a business. All of these filings will generate certificates as proof of filing that can be validated. Additionally, you will be able to file an amendment and update your business's tax and employer information.