NJ Income Tax – Resident Return

This service allows you to prepare and electronically file your current year New Jersey return if you filed a New Jersey return for the previous year. To access this feature, you will need to validate that you did so by providing the New Jersey Gross Income amount from your prior year New Jersey Income Tax Return (line 29).

The convenient to use 'Save' feature allows you to start your return now and finish later without losing your work. Upload electronic copies of your W2s and other financial documents to your online return.

If you have a balance due, you may pay your taxes online by e-check or credit card (fees apply) and receive immediate confirmation that your return and payment have been received by the State of New Jersey.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of document that may be needed or used as reference during your tax return process:

  • Previous year’s New Jersey tax return
  • All applicable NJ W-2s
  • 1099s
  • Applicable Federal Schedules

Important Notes: This service only provides for filing New Jersey Resident Income Tax returns. If you need to file any other New Jersey return, visit the Division of Taxation website. This is a free service for New Jersey residents who do not wish to use paid services. Generally, paid tax return preparation and filing services provide advanced features, such as tax filing tips, not found in this service.

The New Jersey Online Income Tax Filing Application will automatically save your return once you have completed the personal information section of the application and clicked the 'Save and Continue' button at the bottom of the page.

You can access your saved return by selecting the link in the email that you received from the email address: no-reply@njportal.com titled 'Access your New Jersey 1040 return'. You will need to enter the Social Security Number of the primary taxpayer, the email address used to save the return, and the access key that was included in your email. If you have already submitted your return electronically to New Jersey, you will be unable to amend your return but you will have access to print a copy of your return. If you need to amend your return, see Form NJ-1040x.

Processing of electronic (online) returns typically takes a minimum of 4 weeks. You can check the status of your refund here: Refund Status Check

Please wait four weeks from the day you filed your return before checking your refund status.

You can make your payment either electronically (e-check or credit card) or by check or money order. Payments must be postmarked or submitted electronically by April 15, 2024, to avoid penalty and interest charges. If you are paying a balance due for 2023 and also making an estimated tax payment for 2024, make a separate payment for each transaction. If you owe less than $1, you do not have to make a payment.

Electronic payments may be made here: Online Individual Income Tax Payment

When making your payment, you must enter the Social Security number and date of birth of the first person listed on the tax return or your account will not be properly credited.

  • Electronic Check (e-check). You can have your payment directly withdrawn from your bank account using our online e-check service.
  • Credit Card (Processing Fees Apply). You can use an American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit card to make your payment.

Check or Money Order. If you prefer to submit your payment by mail, please download the payment voucher here: Payment Voucher. Please mail your check or money order together with your completed payment voucher to ensure that your account is credited properly. Make your check or money order payable to State of New Jersey – TGI. Write your Social Security number on the check or money order. If you are filing a joint return, include both Social Security numbers in the same order the names are listed on the return. Send your payment for the balance due with the voucher in the same envelope with your tax return.

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