National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

New Jersey National Instant Criminal Background Check System is only for use by licensed State of New Jersey Firearm Dealers possessing a Federal Firearms License (FFL) authorized to conduct business with the New Jersey Police NICS Unit.

Important Message:
7:50am 10/19/2021 223 submissions are currently in the queue. We are working on (Monday) 10/18/2021 work. Feel free to share this information with your customers. Please remember that a dealer may not transfer a firearm to an individual without first receiving the unique State Transaction Number (STN) provided through a NICS check

Getting Started

Create a login account to access NICS Online Service. You will require a My New Jersey account, your State Firearms License Number (SFL), Federal Firearms License Number (FFL), and either a credit card or bank account if you wish to store payment information.


The New Jersey Police NICS Unit will not be conducting business on the holidays defined by the state.

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