ALERT : New Reinstatement and Dissolution Program

The Streamline Service will be available on this web page as of Sunday, March 1st. For more information click on Announcing the Streamlined Business Reinstatement and Dissolution Program below.

Announcing the Streamlined Business Reinstatement and Dissolution Program

ALERT : New state law.

Please be advised that a new state law effective July 1, 2019, changes the filing fees for Annual Reports and Reinstatements. You can view the complete notice here: Annual Report Update

ALERT : If you have received notices in the mail for your annual report filing and you have questions regarding these notices, please read this note.

There are reputable business services providers that offer filing services for a fee (plus the required State statutory filing fees). However, there may be other businesses that solicit such work for a fee that are not reputable and may not perform the expected services after a customer makes the required payment. Please be aware that you can file your annual report yourself using the State's online filing service here.

If you have any other concerns, please visit the Division's website at

New Jersey's Online Annual Reports and Change Services

Welcome to the Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services' Annual Reports and Change Services. Through this service, you will be able to file annual reports, change a business's registered agent/office, reinstate a business, and close a business. All of these filings will generate certificates as proof of filing that can be validated. Additionally, you will be able to file an amendment and update your business's tax and employer information.