Welcome to New Jersey's Online Business Registration

You may use this streamlined service to file for Business Taxes. Please note that your browser must be the most current version. Please see FAQs for any questions.

When should I use this application?

  • When you have already formed/authorized your business in NJ and need to register for tax purposes
  • When you are looking to start a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

You should use the Online Formations form instead if:

  • You want to start a new business in the state of NJ (LLC, PA, DP, Non-Profit, etc)
  • You need to authorize a legal entity in NJ for your business in another state

Please use the navigation to the left to complete your Registration filing. Once you finish each section it will be marked with a check mark.

Filing Requirements

What you will need

Starting a Business

Resources to help you plan your business.

Additional Resources

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