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Welcome to the Streamlined Reinstatement and Dissolution service. This service allows businesses that are revoked for failing to comply with the State’s Annual Reporting requirements to reinstate or close their business in a single filing. The fee for a streamlined reinstatement or dissolution is $500 (plus a convenience or credit card processing fee).

Businesses seeking to reinstate will be asked to update their registered agent, business addresses and list of officers/members. Business that wish to close must attest to an end date for their business and that they have no known outstanding State tax obligations. To help filers avoid an incorrect attestation, the service will check to make sure there are no outstanding State tax obligations on record.

If there is an outstanding tax obligation on record - we will provide the filer secure online access to information detailing which tax is involved and any tax returns to be filed or tax amount owed. In some cases, we will provide a transaction ID for the online session and guidance on how to address the matter. Once the tax amount is paid, the filer will be able to return to the online system and close the business using the transaction ID. In other cases, the filer will have an opportunity to attest that no taxes are outstanding and proceed with the streamlined dissolution.

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