Division of Gaming Enforcement Self Exclusion Registration

This page is provided by the Division of Gaming Enforcement as an avenue for gamblers to "opt out" of Internet gambling activity.

By taking this action, you are stating that all Internet related gambling activities must cease for the selected timeframe. You are not merely closing your account with one provider; you are opting out of ALL Internet related gambling in New Jersey.

In addition to this online service, you can also "opt out" by visiting one of the Division of Gaming Enforcement's offices or a NJ racetrack.

You can submit a request to be removed from the NJ Self Exclusion list below. Your initial term of self exclusion must be satisfied before you can be removed from the list. If you are removed from the list, all gaming activities in New Jersey will be re-instated, including gaming at all casino properties, internet gaming and online sportsbook and sportsbook locations in New Jersey. However, you may continue to be subject to other Responsible Gaming Programs enacted by individual casino, internet, and sportsbook gaming companies. The Waiver of Liability that you previously signed with the submission of your "Request for Voluntary Exclusion from Casino Gambling Form" remains in full force and effect.