Welcome to the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Emergency Trip Permit system. Emergency Trip Permits are required for any vehicle that is transporting alcoholic beverages into, out of, or within the State of New Jersey that does not have a transportation license or permit. Through this website, you can apply for and immediately receive a digital copy of your Emergency Trip Permit. An Emergency Trip Permit must be obtained prior to the pick-up or delivery in New Jersey.

Please note that no permit is required if you are transporting alcoholic beverages through New Jersey, with no pickups from or deliveries made in New Jersey.

Business Accounts

If your business frequently requires Emergency Trip Permits or needs to provide your staff access to use a shared payment account to apply for permits, you may want to consider creating an account for the ABC Emergency Permits service. In order to create an account you will need to create a new My New Jersey account or link an existing My New Jersey account.

Note: If your business has already created an account, you will need your administrator to send you an invitation to create your account and link it to the Business Account.

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